“I enjoy and love what I do!

I know that if you are consistent, organized, and positive, you can achieve your goals."

I live my dreams, making yours come true!

My name is Nelysabel Sarcos, and I am going to tell you my story before you tell me yours.

I'm Venezuelan, and I've been living in the United States since 2019. From a young age, I loved to play with organizing my dolls' tea tables and I had an artistic eye for designing and decorating. Growing up, I was the aunt, sister, and friend in charge of organizing birthdays, creating surprises, and having connections with all kinds of vendors.

Little by little, I realized how much I enjoyed creating special moments, how good I was at them, and how satisfying it was to see my loved ones happy and enjoying themselves.

Today, I am a professional in the art of organizing, planning, and decorating with the firm objective of achieving the best day of my clients' lives, creating the event of their dreams, and celebrating their joys in a big way.

I have always considered my fixation with order and punctuality an asset, but I just had to find a way to put it into action. This is how my love for my profession was born.

4 steps for planning with us

Let's talk
about your plans

We take note of every idea and detail you want to include in your celebration. We also offer advice and guidance based on our extensive experience in event planning.

Let's settle on a date and location

This is essential information to get you started. If you have no idea, we will suggest alternatives based on your guest list and budget.

Let's plan
each moment

Let's talk about the event's itinerary so that everything has a time and place. This is also the time to decide on the best suppliers for your event.

Enjoy your
big day

Have fun without any stress, and count on our permanent support during the event. We will take care of any unforeseen event without leaving anything to chance.


Still unsure? No problem, let's make an appointment and discuss your concerns! Remember, I am here to help, support and guide you from the moment we start planning until the last guest leaves the venue.

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